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Infertility is now a global health concern that affects millions of couples worldwide. The incidence in Nigeria continues to climb even as we witness not just a general improvement in the use of diagnostic tools, but couples being more open to discussing their reproductive health challenges and seeking help and solutions. Many couples now take advantage of Mayr detoxification (as well as assisted reproduction) in their goal of achieving conception and completing the family they have always dreamed about.

Mayr detoxification, at Mart-Life Detox Clinic, has proven to make a real difference to infertile couples on their journey to having their bundles of joy. At Mart-Life Detox Clinic, conception is regarded as the arrival of a much-awaited august visitor in the body of a mother. As one would in the case of the expected arrival of an honoured guest, it is important that we ensure the home (body of the woman) be as clean, healthy and welcoming as possible for the visitor. An unhealthy, dirty or toxic environment is a put-off for any guest and they are unlikely to stay long or come back on a return visit. This is exactly how it is for couples who want to achieve conception.

There are lot of unhealthy habits, poor nutrition, pathogens and environmental toxins that negatively affect fertility and contribute to the difficulty some couples experience in having a baby. In some cases, conception does occur, but the pregnancy is not carried to term or the pregnancy has many complications. Many environmental toxins to which people are exposed to in their daily lives have now been classified as EDCs – Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. These toxins disrupt the normal hormonal balance in both males and females that are needed for normal conception.

At Mart-Life Detox Clinic, our first approach to infertility after taking a thorough medical history is to identify many of these toxins,  pathogens, food intolerances and allergies that contribute to the problem.  Once these have been identified, couples are required to undergo a Mayr detoxification programme aimed at removing the toxins and reversing organ damage they have wreaked on the body system. Nutritional and life style counseling helps to improve and optimize the body’s general physiology.  Our state of the art equipment used by our internationally trained staff are used to achieve medically therapeutic effects. The functions of the normal excretory organs like the skin, intestines and lungs are optimised to rid the body of mobilised toxins in body fluids and other wastes. The result is that the body is restored to a physiologically healthy state that promotes natural conception and greatly improves the chances of success in any form of assisted reproduction. Mart-Life has witnessed these positive feedbacks for more than 5 years and indeed has presented these successes at many scientific conferences all over the world.

We have combined modern technologies and customized them for the African environment in order to provide an outstanding, cutting edge, reliable and reputable holistic healthcare and medical spa. Based on the reputable Viva-Mayr (Mayr modern medicine) of Austria, the bio-identical Sabre Sciences Laboratory, and Nutrivital Bioenergetics. 


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