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Testimonial From Wale Adekoya


My name is Olawale Adekoya, 42. My wife, Ayodeji came here in 2011 to seek help via artificial means. However, during the scans/tests we discovered she was pregnant. We lost the pregnancy at 8 months, it was Prof Ashiru who helped us secure a bed and admission as it was during the ‘Fuel Subsidy’ crisis. 

Finally, we conceived again after a thorough, detailed and efficient monitoring by Medical ART center staff, especially Dr Adewusi and Dr Okeke- under the guidance of Prof Ashiru. We thank you so much. Today we have a boy, Oluwasemilore Adekoya. He’s 2yrs 4 months- strong, hale and hearty.

Wale Adekoya

Date: 26-03-2016