Our Specialties

  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing/PCR

    The technique of fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) is employed to analyze the chromosomal abnormalities, so patients who have genetic disorders such as Down syndrome or couples with sickle cell traits can have the chance of having normal babies through PCR single gene screening.

  • Cryopreservation Of Oocytes / Embryo / Sperm Banking

    Excess embryo can be preserved for years by storing in liquid Nitrogen tanks. This is useful for patients going through the chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer.

  • Micromanipulation / ICSI

    Couples with infertility due to low sperm count now benefit from intracytoplasmic sperm injection where under a specialized microscope, one sperm cell is injected into the egg.

  • IVF

    The patient is given fertility drugs to increase the number of eggs that can be produced at ovulation (super ovulation) the eggs are then fertilized with the sperm and allowed to develop in the incubator for about 3days before transfer.

  • MART Detox Clinic

    MART Detox Clinic

    We appreciate the contributions of enviro- nmental and food pollutants as mitigating factors to successful outcome of IVF/fertility treatments. To this end we recently open a first in Nigeria state of the art detoxification center in Ikeja. MART Life Detox is the new generation of MODERN MAYR MEDICINE combining both conventional and alternative medicine.

  • MART Medicare Suites

    MART Medicare Suites

    Broadly we offer safe, quality and cost effective obstetrics, neonatal and gynaecological services.

    We provide pre-pregnancy, antenatal, intrapartum, neonatal and postnatal care for all obstetrics patients. Our gynaecological services include gynaecology outpatient clinics, well-women’s clinic, key-hole laparoscopic and open gynaecology surgeries for fibroid, endometriosis and ovarian pathologies.

  • Laser /Assisted Hatching

    This procedure is reserved for older patients 38years and above. It helps eggs hatching and improves pregnancy rate.

  • Patient Prep And Counseling

    This includes a thorough evaluation of very detailed history of the couple to determine the cause of infertility.

  • Ocytes/Embryo Donation

    For patients who have premature ovarian failure or other conditions where eggs reproduction is impossible.

  • Gestational Host

    For patients with medical conditions that limit ovulation or with abnormal uterus.

  • Menopause And Andropause Unit

    This is for menopausal patients. Andropause is for men with erectile dysfunction as well as anti-aging therapy.


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