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Prof Oladapo Ashiru


Professor Oladapo Ashiru obtained his M.Sc and Ph.D and set a record at the University of Nebraska Medical Center(UNMC), Omaha in the United States of America, and became a Post-Doctoral Fellow and visiting assistant professor of reproductive endocrinology in the department of obsterics gynaecology. He is the Chief Medical Director of Medical Art Center – a world-class fertility clinic in Lagos Nigeria. He pioneered the In-vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer Techniques in West Africa in 1983(experimental), 1984(human) and with professor Giwa-Osagie had the first test tube baby through IVF-ET in 1989. This technique is now used globally in the treatment of several infertility cases. He was also the youngest Professor ever appointed in Medicine at 32 years of age.