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I am Mrs. B.A. My husband Tunji got to know about Medical ART center from his friend who had a success story with them. We went there to make inquires and express our concerns about the obvious possibility of transferring the SS recessive traits to our unborn child as we are both sickle cell carriers, i.e Genotype AS.

A brief history and physical examination was done, which revealed I had a 3 x 3 cm sized lump in my left breast. I was scheduled for a Lumpectomy and the excised lump showed presence of fat necrosis post Pathology and thus I was OK to proceed to IVF.
An IVF screening was done to confirm myself and Tunji’s genotype as being AS, hence we were scheduled for IVF/ICSI with interest in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis(PGD)/ Polymerase chain reaction(PCR) screening. Other investigation such as Hysterosonogram, Seminal fluid analysis, Hormone profile etc were done subsequently. My Hormone profile test indicated there was an increase in Prolactin level (hyperprolactinaemia) which was corrected using appropriate medications. I was also placed on potent antioxidants and other orthomolecular supplements.

Ovarian stimulation process was commenced and a total of 18 oocytes were retrieved, out of which 15 of them fertilized to form embryos. These 15 embryos were biopsied( was my first time of hearing this medical term) and sent for PGD analysis to detect the SS trait and other possible Chromosomal abnormalities as previously recommended.

Results came in, and 9 out of the 15 embryos had AA genotype while the remaining fell in to the AS and SS category.

With the turn of events, a proper Endometrial prepping was done with Luteal support for me, and 2 AA genotype embryos were transferred while the others were frozen. Approximately 2 weeks post transfer I had a beta HCG test done and it showed a positive result. Then a quantitative beta HCG test was also carried out to confirm the pregnancy!! I was ECSTATIC!!
Pregnancy progressed as expected without complications and I gave birth to the most adorable baby boy and I’m beyond glad to say that mother and child are doing great.

A year later, a confirmatory genotype test was done and my baby was Sickle Cell disease free and had no traits of the sickle cell.
All Gratitude to God Almighty and the competent team at Medical ART Center.

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