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Message for all during the Yuletide season and the New Year.

As the Christmas and the New Year approaches I take this unique opportunity to wish many readers who have sent regular compliments to me for the highly informative and helpful hints they have obtained from reading the column.  In the same way I want to sensitize us to the events of this period. It is on record that this period will witness several outings such as weddings, engagements, birthday s, funerals, memorials and more. A great number of people will attend functions almost on a daily basis. The consequences of such outings are unknown to many people. I will emphasize them with these stories.

Prof Oladapo Ashiru, IVF, IVF in Nigeria

Prof Oladapo Ashiru

A first story that brings our peculiar situation in Nigeria to the front was an experience between me and Prof Adeoye Lambo of blessed memory. As the Regional President of the International Federation of Medical Students Association my office had dealings with World Health Organization (WHO). On one occasion Prof Lambo then Director General of WHO wanted us to meet in Lagos during his short one week visit to Nigeria from Geneva.  Unfortunately we could not have the meeting. He manage to put a call to me that,  I and members of my committee should meet him at the VIP lounge in the airport as he prepares to catch his flight back to Geneva. He then apologized for not meeting us in town. In his excuses he characterizes our Nigeria situation thus.” This is a very strenuous country in terms of our activities.

One will start the day with a friend or relation birthday Holy Communion service, will quickly go from the breakfast reception and proceed to work. He will leave office to join a funeral service or meet the reception. That is if he did not have to attend a Christian wake keep the previous night. The journey could end up at another friend’s birthday night party. He gets home about 10pm if not 12 midnight only to wake up in the morning to pay a visit to the aging father or mother in Abeokuta before proceeding to an Iwuye ceremony in Ijebu and go from there to Ondo or Benin for the 20 year memorial of an uncle”! According to him, he had become so tired from this trip and he wondered how Nigerians manage to do all this. He concern was for our health! The second story actually typifies such health hazards.

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