Please let me give you some insight into a successful story of Mayr therapy using the testimony of Mrs F.A.

I was 40 years old when i first heard of Medical ART center. I had been married for 10 years and had my beautiful son without any problems soon after marriage. But when I tried to have another child, the pregnancy just would not happen. In frustration, my husband and I decided to go for IVF. By that time we lived in Ireland and we went to a clinic there. After two failed IVF attempts, we gave up our dream of having another child.

Then a miracle happened. My friend who also lived in Ireland had gone to Medical ART Center in Nigeria for infertility treatment. She had become pregnant and successfully delivered quadruplets! My husband and I decided to also go to Nigeria to seek treatment at the Medical Art Center. On arriving at the clinic, we saw several medical personnel who did different levels of diagnosis on my husband and I before we finally saw Prof Ashiru, the medical director.

When we finally saw Prof, he strongly advised me to go for a 7-day detox program at the sister company, MART-Life Detox Clinic. He told me that I needed to lose weight and from the look of my face, he could see signs of the toxic overload in my system. At 84.3kg, I reluctantly agreed I was rather heavy. None of the other doctors who had treated me for infertility had ever mentioned that my weight was a problem. I agreed to go for a 5-day detox program and I told him that I may return to the detox clinic for a few more days after the IVF transfer if I thought the detox program was beneficial.

On going to the MART-Life Detox Clinic, I was given a tour of the facility by the friendly staff. I saw that the clinic was very beautiful and serene with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It actually looked like a five star hotel than a clinic, only that it also had medical and spa facilities. It had the usual spa sauna and steam pools, swimming pool, Jacuzzis and massage rooms. But it also had clinical rooms for consultation with doctors and nurses where they took your blood pressure and other medical parameters. They also had machines for detoxification. I was particularly impressed with the green and lush gardens and small sitting areas with gentle fountains and soft flowing waters which were very soothing.

Coming from Ireland, I was satisfied that it compared favorably to any health spa in Europe or Great Britain. I was also impressed with all the new and unique therapies they had, many of which I had never heard before. I was impressed with the description of what the staff said they could do to detoxify and rejuvenate the body. They were not the convention machines you would see at an ordinary spa. So I agreed to follow through with the 5-day detox package I had told Prof I would do.

I checked in and the staff put me through the daily detox regimen. They went through my food allergy with me and I found out I was allergic to sugar, egg plant, ugwu, yam chocolate, tea, fresh plantain, ginger and some types of fish like Croaker and Haddock. Keeping off these foods will be a big problem for me as I LOVE them. However, keeping off cheese, cauliflower and things like mushroom was not such a big deal as I didn’t care for them anyway. Eating these foods apparently stressed my colon. I could not understand how food one was allergic to could have such devastating effects on one’s body. But I was told that these are all new medical findings and discoveries as to how food plays such a major role in one’s well-being. From the seminars we given, we were taught that our body functions on our nutrition. How it makes hormones, blood, cells and so on, depends on the quality of food we give it. If we give good quality food, it will make us good quality hormones, blood, cells and so on, but if we give it bad quality food, it will take what we give it and make equally bad quality hormones, blood and cells.

More serious was my environmental toxicity test which showed a toxic overload of kerosene, unleaded gasoline, lead, strontium, arsenic, fossil fuel oils, automobile fume, acrylic, aluminium and pesticides. I was shocked to hear them say that these environmental toxins had weakened my adrenals which are the organs that control stress and my teeth. They had also stressed my bladder, my frontal sinus, my kidneys and of course, my reproductive organs. I was put on a tailor-made diet that took into account all my food allergies and intolerances and also to ensure that I lost weight. I also went through a number of their detox protocols. I remember in particular the foot detox, I had two of those. The first day, the water turned yellow and the nurse told me that I had toxins in my liver. After the second treatment, the water was a much lighter yellow. The nurse said that the toxins had gone down but had not completely cleared. But I had other treatment that I hoped would finally detoxify the liver.

After the 5-day program, my weight was 82 kilos. I had lost 2.3kg in five days! My blood pressure was 120/80, down from 160/100mmhg. I was discharged and went back to Medical Art Center one week later to begin my infertility program. I went through their protocol to ensure that I was producing eggs. On the day of the IVF, they were able to obtain five eggs from me for fertilization. Three of these eggs were successfully fertilized and transferred back into my womb. I went back to the MART-Life Detox Clinic for a further 5-day package.

This time I only went for the nutritional and residential package to ensure that I was eating the proper nutrition and was getting enough psychological rest and spiritual detox. After the second 5-day detox program, I waited for another 7 days before returning to the Medical Art Center for the all-important pregnancy test.

My husband and I were overjoyed to find out that the test was positive. We went back to Ireland and finally delivered a baby boy. I give thanks to God and the staff of Medical Art center and Mart-Life detox clinic.