We are an established IVF centre in West Africa with the most up-to date assisted reproductive technology. We are proud to have produced the first IVF baby in Africa in 1984; and up till date our center has produced many babies. Our team comprises of a group of top national and international reproductive and fertility consultants who are ready to attend to your needs.

Who We Are

The Medical Art Center is a specialized reproductive endocrinology and fertility center. Our focus is on solving simple to the most complicated and unusual problems of infertility mainly with assisted reproductive technology. We pride ourselves in conducting research and using innovative ways to solve the challenges of infertility; thereby giving hope to couples and families that may have been burdened by infertility.

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Latest News

    • 07 APR 15
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    Your health problems may be due to Lyme disease

    Your health problems may be due to Lyme disease

    In the last two years treating patient with infertility, menopausal issues, as well as other general health problems has brought to the forefront of our practice a disease called Lyme disease. Everyone needs to beware of this disease, as it presents in various forms of illness. Lyme disease was the most commonly reported vector-borne disease

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    • 30 MAY 14
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    First Quadruplets in MART Medicare

    Medical ART center (MART) the Fertility Unit of the MART GROUP OF HEALTH CARE SERVICES, is happy to announce the delivery of her first set of quadruplets in a 31 year old patient with four years of infertility at the MART Medicare, the Obstetric Unit of MART. The couple’s treatment started at MART in August

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    • 20 DEC 13
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    Male Infertility – Infertility not just the woman’s headache

    Newlywed Kate and Kingsley Buraimoh had no problem conceiving and giving birth to a baby within 10 months of their marriage. As such, nobody suspected what the immediate problem was when the couple found it difficult to achieve pregnancy two years after the birth of their first child. As usual, Kate was the one who

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    • 19 DEC 13
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    Multiple births: Reactions from medical experts

    At first, Prof. Oladapo Ashiru, an experienced endocrinologist and joint pioneer of In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Research in Nigeria and the entire West African region, couldn’t comprehend the statement. “Could you please repeat your question,” he remarked.  Ashiru, who is the Chief Medical Director, Medical ART Centre, Maryland, Lagos, and also Adjunct Professor at the University

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